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from May 1st to May 7th



CLOWN: the poetry of the smallest mask

A week-long intensive with Matteo Destro

The clown is a mirror in which the spectator sees himself, in grotesque, deformed, ridiculous image.  -Federico Fellini

The Red Nose Mask is the smallest mask in the world.  -Jacques Lecoq



The red nose is a mask.


It does not cover the face and it does not propose lines or shapes of characters to find. It simply covers, by rounding, the tip of the nose, deforming the bare minimum in order to bring out everything that remains uncovered. Namely ourselves. Our body, our way of occupying space, of breathing, feeling and reacting.

The clown is an act of courage. 

He asks us to slough off all masks to bring out a conscious state of our personal presence and, with it, our deepest humanity.

The clown is an act of acceptance. 

Through accepting, bringing into play, and amplifying the emerging forms and movement dynamics, a comical creature begins to take shape, stripped of all psychological structures. It is simply a poetic way of being in the world.

This type of work is crucial for actors, directors, writers, or anyone who creates beauty, as it presents valuable foundations of artistic expression, both true and vulnerable.


the chorus and the individual

the breath

the presence

the contact with the audience

research of your own comic body

"l'entrée": the entry of the clown

the flop

the exploit



Matteo Destro's international theatrical career began shortly after graduating Padua University (with a degree in Pedagogy with highest honors), as a street performer in a red nose. His desire to expand his theatre studies led him to Jacques Lecoq at the L’École Internationale de Théâtre in Paris, where he also studied with Norman Taylor, Pierre Byland and Alain Gautré. During his two-year program of study of movement theatre and mask work under Lecoq, Matteo also began to seriously explore the art of maskmaking. The research and creation of masks and mask theatre would eventually become the heart of his practice. Matteo now says “My main work is mask creation, theatre pedagogy, and the creation of performances. Often those three practices are part of the same creative process.” Matteo is a founding member of Teatro Punto in Spain and Larven Teatro in Italy, has been a frequent collaborator with Chiendent Théâtre and Anonima Teatro in France, was a core faculty member at Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, in Florence, Italy, and has taught workshops and devised and directed performances all over the globe. He founded ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre, an international school/laboratory for research and theater creation, in 2016 in San Miniato, Italy.



The workshop will be taught in English.



from the 1st to the 7th of MAY 2017

10.00 am to 17.00 pm daily (except Wed May 3 10.00 to 13.00)


Class will be held in San Miniato, ITALY at

Circolo Ricreativo Del Popolo 'A.Cheli'

Via F. Guicciardini, 21

56028 San Miniato PI, Italy


€550 (tax included)

The price of tuition does not include accommodation. 



Students are responsible for their own accommodations, but Atelier can refer students to nearby available housing. Email below for further details. 


Contact to notify of your intent to register, or with any questions.

Deposit of €150 due by April 1st to reserve your spot, balance paid by May 1.




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