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Founder, Director and Teacher


Matteo has a wide artistic experience as a theatre pedagogist, director, author and mask creator. He has a MA in Pedagogy at the University of Padova. He studied with Jacques Lecoq at his school in Paris, “École Internationale de Théâtre,” from which he graduated, and with Donato Sartori at the "Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali" in Abano Terme-Italy. 

He works for several theatre companies, theatre schools and universities all over the world. His shows have been awarded in  International Festivals.

For several years he taught Movement Analysis and Technique, Improvisation, and Mask Creation at the Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, in Florence, Italy.

His work at Helikos included running the MaMaS (Material-Mask-Space) program, a laboratory of research into the design and creation of masks.

Nowadays, he main work is  theatre pedagogy and the creation of

performances and masks. Often those practices are part of the same creative process.

In 2016 he founded ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre, an international center for research, theater creation and training, in San Miniato, Italy.

Within Atelier he directs the international school, the Atelier Mamot theater company and the laboratory of experimentation, study and creation of forms, masks and architecture of dramatic space. 


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Improvisation / Movement

Alay is an actress and theatre trainer from Spain. She graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and from Laboratorio Teatral de Trintxerpe, Spain.
She has played with a host of theatre companies in France, Spain, Italy and USA.

In 2004, she co-founded LARVEN, a research and theatre group in Padua, where she currently works as an actress and trainer. She also runs a “Theatre in Spanish” project.
Alay also works with a range of associations and groups that are interested in finding out more about the universal poetics of the Theatre of Gesture.




The Game / Le Jeu 


Richard is a performer, theatre teacher and project facilitator from UK. 

After a background of social circus projects. In 2014 he graduated Ecole Phillippe Gaulier after which, in-between touring with Street Theatre Company. 'Barada Street’ (of which is is the Theatrical Director/producer/founder) he continued his exploration with a wide range of theatre, mask, movement and clown teachers such as Matteo Destro, SpyMonkey, Complicitè, Norman Taylor, Nose2Nose and trained the pedagogic field with Giovanni Fusetti. In 2017 he founded 'From The Playns'. As a platform to explore connection, play and humanity through his workshops, creations, directions and events. 

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Physical training/ Balance/ Non ordinary movement


Francesco is a performer, director, theatre and circus teacher based in Berlin. After graduating in 2016 at the International Circus and Theatre School CAU in Granada (Spain), he moved to Berlin where he was part and leaded several artistic projects, from social circus to theatre productions, working with children, adults, and teenagers.He’s been studying at the Atelier Mask Movement in 2019. In 2020 he performed and created in ensemble work, the show “Dracula - A gothic comedy”.

In 2021, in Berlin, he directed “Re-Building Communities”, an outdoor, site-specific multidisciplinary show that had as central topic the reappropriation of public spaces and re-establishing social connection, during and after the Covid-19 crisis. Always looking to fulfil his curiosity in the arts and movement field, he’s been training and researching in a wide range of theatre, circus, and movement disciplines.


Physical rhythm and Musicality


Selene is a performing musician, music researcher and teacher from Italy. As a soloist, she performed in many concert halls, such as Salle Pleyel in Paris, Yamaha Hall in Yokohama, Guggenheim Foundation in Venice. After a clarinet degree at Milano Conservatory, she graduated in Music Pedagogy, she specialized in Musical Theatre in Bern Hochschule and in Contemporary Repertoire at Luzern Academy. She works together with various composers, and after attending Helikos, International School of theatre creation, Selene is now focusing on the common roots between music and movement.


Primordial movement 


Loretta is a performer, actress and artist of Nouveau Cirque from Italy. She graduated from the Theatre and Contemporary Circus School A. Galante Garrone in Bologna. She specialized in aerial disciplines of  circus at Circus School Picolino in Brazil and with Roberto Gasca and Samuel Jornot, artists of Cirque du Soleil. Loretta is a Feldenkrais Method® teacher at the Training Florence 6. Since 16 years she is dealing with movement and bodily expressions, working as a performer with directors, choreographers, musicians, singers, dancers, theater companies and teaching in schools of theater, dance and circus.

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