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The silent body

The presence and the action in the empty space

The beginning of the expressive body

Dramatic tension before the use of the words

The expressive body

Pure and ingénue form and the birth of the voice

The body and the space of text

The human tragicomedy



Physical preparation


Anthology of the movement of life

Primary drives

Basic dynamics of movement

Primordial locomotion

The essential articulation

The structures of elementary creatures


Movement technique

The space of the body

The body in the space
Movement analysis of the body in action

The 20 movements by Jacques Lecoq
Mask: As a dynamic structure that moves in the space and

moves the space;

The phrase of articulation of the dramatic action by Matteo Destro:

 - the phrase of 5 steps

 - the phrase of 9 steps

 - the phrase of 14 steps

 - the phrase of 26 steps

Fundamental techniques of play of the mask

Advanced technique of articulation


Mask work

Neutral Mask:  made by Donato Sartori
Primordial and Larval Masks: made by Matteo Destro

Full Dramatic Masks: made by the students of the program

Monodirectional Masks:  made by Matteo Destro
Half Tragi-commedia Masks: made by the students of the program

Satirical Masks: made by Matteo Destro


Voice work

The body, the mask and the space of the voice.


The chorus

The collective mask


Physical rhythm

The energy becomes a tempo

The inner music of the play



The situation and the dramatic drives

Crescendo: steps of the dramatic tension

Development of the theme
The countermask and the variations

The imbalance of comedy

The forces and the dramatic tensions become body, space and timing


Autonomus ensemble work

Small groups of students work on themes connected to the overall course-work





Study of the form

Observation of different forms in daily life,

The journey of the form from the larval to the expressive and then became style (comedy, tragedy, drama, grotesque, absurd),
The evolution of the form in the sculpture made of clay

Work on transition from the state of calm to the state of tension, through the form


Mold of the face


Masks design and creation of full mask, half mask, larval mask


Clay sculpture

Plaster mold (for undercuts)
Paper mache




Original project



Everyday objects: the state and choral transposition of the structure

The mask of the set

Architecture of the scenic space

International School Atelier Mask Movement Theatre

To enter into a mask means to feel what gave birth to it, to rediscover the basis and to find what makes it vibrate in yourself. After this it will be possible to play it from within.

Jacques Lecoq



International School Atelier Mask Movement Theatre
International School Atelier Mask Movement Theatre
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